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As updated November 2021

I consent and authorise Mafanikio Holding AB – Scantest to conduct a COVID-19 diagnostic test involving the collection of a sample either through a nose and throat swab, or, in the case of an antibody test, via the fingerprick method. I understand that there are risks associated with undergoing any such COVID 19 test to include minor swabbing trauma such as nasal bleeding/irritation.

I accept that, as with any COVID-19 test, the result is not 100% accurate, and there is the potential for a false positive or false negative COVID-19 test result. I also accept that there is a small possibility of an inconclusive test result, which will require me to return to the center for a retest.

I understand that Mafanikio Holding AB – Scantest or any third party does not accept potential liability arising from this COVID-19 test, to the extent that is permitted by law, to include but not limited to any potential liability arising from any minor swabbing trauma such as nasal bleeding/irritation and/or false-positive or false-negative test results.

I understand that neither Mafanikio Holding AB – Scantest nor any third party accepts liability for any missed flights/ferries/travel accommodation due to inaccurate results.

By authorising Mafanikio AB – Scantest to conduct a COVID-19 diagnostic test, I note that Mafanikio AB – Scantest will be processing my personal data for the purposes of medical diagnosis and research, and will be obliged to share a positive test result and my personal data with the Swedish Health Authorities.

I understand that I am personally responsible for assuring that I am undertaking the right type of test for my purposes (travel or otherwise), and for the accuracy of my personal data. I also agree that I am wholly responsible for ensuring that Mafanikio Holding – Scantest’s certificates contains the correct information required for my purposes. Mafanikio Holding AB – Scantest accepts no liability for missing or incorrect information.