ForSea travellers discount on Antigen quick tests are valid here!

Swedish travellers are offered a 100 SEK discount on the Antigen quick test. To claim your discount, you must present a valid ticket from ForSea together with your identification, at the time of testing.

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1 - 3 People

We offer a SEK 100 discount on rapid antigen tests. Total price 299 SEK per test.

4 People

For 4 people in the same company: 15% discount on ForSea price for test. A total of 254 SEK per test.

5 or more people

For 5 or more people in the same party: 20% discount on ForSea price for testing. A total of 239 SEK per test.

How it's done

How the ForSea discount works

To receive the discount, it is required that everyone in your party arrives at the same time with valid tickets for ForSea ferries.

To receive the discount, follow these steps:

  1. Book an appointment with Scantest or visit the Scantest test centre’s drop-in in Malmö or Helsingborg
  2.  Your entire travel party must be present at the test appointment.
  3. Present ID and a valid ForSea ticket.
  4. Choose any Antigen test.
  5. After about 15 minutes you get your results. This test can be presented upon entry into Denmark.
  • The price for ForSea’s travelers is SEK 299 / person (word price SEK 399).
  • For 4 people in the same company: 15% discount on ForSea price for test.
  • For 5 or more people in the same party: 20% discount on ForSea price for testing.To receive a discount for 4 people or more, it is required that the travel party is tested at the same time.For entry into Denmark, a certificate of complete vaccination or a negative Coronatest taken within the last 72 hours is required.

NOTE: It is important that you have your ID card with you. Your ID must be the same as the one you will use during the trip. Keep a reasonable distance in the queue and use a mask.

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We offer ForSea service at all our test centres in Malmö and in Helsingborg.

We care about your wellbeing

What we offer

We are proud to offer the fastest, most eminent, and effective tests.

Best at tests

The best and most reliable COVID-19 tests on the market, manufactured and supplied by the international pharmaceutical company Roche Internationals, the largest supplier of pharmaceuticals to Scandinavian hospitals.

Professional Staff

All our staff has a profound medical education and are trained to handle a high demand. A licensed doctor is also present to handle the daily operation of the testing centre, perform disease detection and answer questions from our customers.

High Efficiency

With fast test results and efficient staff, your visit here will be short. Your results will be sent digitally via email so you can get on with your day without waiting.

Affordable Tests

Our pricing has set the standard for antigen tests in the Skåne region. Our prices are among the lowest in all of Sweden, despite the fact that we work with the best tests on the market. Our goal is that everyone should be able to afford superior quality tests

Rapid test results

You do not have to set aside a whole day to get tested. Test results for antigen and antibody test results are obtained in a flash, just 10-15 minutes. Likewise, a PCR test result is obtained in just 20-25 minutes when booking an appointment.

Easy access

We are easy to find. We are located in several parts of Sweden and we grow every day. Our goal is to provide easily accessible effective testing, at the lowest possible price.

Why it’s important to get tested

When you test for COVID, you're doing your part in slowing down the spread of the pandemic.

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