Get tested in our Drive-Through

We offer drive-through tests in Hyllie. It works just like drop-in, but is provided with quick service in your own car as you’re on the go.


Our drive-through takes no appointments. Just drive in, sign in and get tested. How convenient!


Getting tested in your own car reduces contact with other people. It does not get any safer than that.


With fast test results and short waiting times, you will have more time to enjoy the sun and get on with your day.

How it works

How Drive-through Works

For your convenience, we offer drive-through testing. It works like a drop-in and cannot be booked in advance.

This is how you get tested in the drive-through:
  1. Drive to Hyllie in Malmö
  2. Stop at the registration tent
  3. Please have your passport/ID card ready
  4. Proceed up to the test area for testing
  5. You are now ready to continue with your day and receive your certificate via email within 15-20 minutes.

To consider: The time to receive test results may be longer if you choose the drive-through, depending on demand and queue.

Note: PCR tests are not available via our drive-through

Note: It is important that you bring valid identification. If your purpose for testing is to travel, you need to provide the same passport as you intend to use during your travels.


You can do the following tests in our drive-through

Our full range of tests is available in the drive-through with fast test results and affordable prices.

Rapid Antigen Test Nasal

Quick & Easy COVID test with accurate results in 15 minutes.

399 SEK

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Rapid Antigen Test

The safest rapid antigen tests with accurate results in 15 minutes.

399 SEK

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Antibody test

Detects if you have COVID antibodies in just 15 minutes.

275 SEK

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Antigen & Antibody

Detects ongoing and previous COVID infection in just 15 minutes.

600 SEK

Currently unavailable online

For those who are on the go

Our drive-through works just like drop-in, but in your own car! A full visit takes about 20-60 minutes from the time you are registered in the drive-through queue until you are done.

To avoid long queues, it is best to come between 11 am and 5 pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

Please note that we only offer drive-through at Scantest in Hyllie.

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A simple process!

Testing at Scantest is easy. From the point of booking until you have a valid certificate with your test result we provide a fast, safe and secure Corona testing experience for you.

#1: Book an appointment or simply drop-in

Book online or simply drop-in at one of our 5 centres. Once your booking is confirmed, we will email you a QR-coded ticket to present when arriving at the test centre. If you choose to drop-in, the QR-code can be provided digitally or printed on-site.

#2: The testing:

First, we scan your QR-code to verify your identity and booking. Then, the Covid 19 test of your choosing is performed, taking only a few minutes. Thereafter, you can leave the centre as test results will arrive via e-mail in the form of a digital, QR-coded certificate. Should you have no access to your digital certificate, you are welcome to wait 20 minutes at our premises to receive a printed version.

#3: Get your certificate:

The certificate is automatically sent to your e-mail. Our rapid tests take only 15-20 minutes to obtain a test result. Quick RT-PCR takes 20-25 minutes and with RT-PCR you will get your test results in 12 hours if you get tested before 4 pm.

We care about your wellbeing

What we offer

We are proud to offer the fastest, most eminent, and effective tests.

Best at tests

The best and most reliable COVID-19 tests on the market, manufactured and supplied by the international pharmaceutical company Roche Internationals, the largest supplier of pharmaceuticals to Scandinavian hospitals.

Professional Staff

All our staff has a profound medical education and are trained to handle a high demand. A licensed doctor is also present to handle the daily operation of the testing centre, perform disease detection and answer questions from our customers.

High Efficiency

With fast test results and efficient staff, your visit here will be short. Your results will be sent digitally via email so you can get on with your day without waiting.

Affordable Tests

Our pricing has set the standard for antigen tests in the Skåne region. Our prices are among the lowest in all of Sweden, despite the fact that we work with the best tests on the market. Our goal is that everyone should be able to afford superior quality tests

Rapid test results

You do not have to set aside a whole day to get tested. Test results for antigen and antibody test results are obtained in a flash, just 10-15 minutes. Likewise, a PCR test result is obtained in just 20-25 minutes when booking an appointment.

Easy access

We are easy to find. We are located in several parts of Sweden and we grow every day. Our goal is to provide easily accessible effective testing, at the lowest possible price.

Why it’s important to get tested

When you test for COVID, you're doing your part in slowing down the spread of the pandemic.

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