The management of Scantest is sad to inform its loyal customers that the Hyllie Center will be closing its doors today, the 26th of November 2021.

The decision had to be made because the lease on the long-term parking has now ended and the owners have decided to use the space for their own purposes and developments. Scantest has been unable to secure an alternative space nearby, so there is no other option for what was one of the first large-scale Covid-19 testing centers in Malmö than to close.

The location was intended to be a temporary solution whilst the company acquired new locations. However, the demand for testing, and in particular for a drive-through solution, became so high that the center needed to remain open, especially when thousands of Öresund commuters required a test every 48 hours. During its busiest time, the center assisted 1,000 people per day, thus helping curb the spread of the virus within the region and across the Öresund. 

Now that vaccination rates are high and demand for testing has reduced, Scantest is more than capable of servicing our customers at our modern and bespoke testing center at Lokgatan 12, just a few steps from Malmö’s Central Station. It is also a much more weatherproof option, with the cold and dark winter season upon us. 

Of course, the company is constantly monitoring the current Covid-19 situation and the need for testing in the region. Scantest is not ruling out opening up another center should the need for it arise. Our main goal remains to assist with the safe and free movement of people throughout the pandemic.

You can find our Malmö C center just a few steps from Central Station, near the taxi rank and pick up and drop off area.

Scantest Malmö C, Lokgatan 12 Malmö