Requirements and restrictions during Covid can make it difficult to know what is needed to travel. That is why we have made a list of things to consider when travelling, so you know who to contact, what to look out for, and how to get tested before and after departure.

Different restrictions for different countries

Depending on the country you are travelling to and the means of transport you are using, there are some different restrictions you need to follow. You have a personal responsibility to travel as safely as possible, both for yourself and for others.

Personal responsibility also applies to finding out what restrictions you need to adhere to. We at Scantest are not in a position to find out all the specific requirements among different countries, as they can change quickly without notice.

The absolute best thing to do is to contact the authorities in the country you are travelling to, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Swedish Embassy. In this way you will get updated information, to avoid refused entry.

Domestic travel

The spread of the disease is difficult to predict, new restrictions may be introduced at short notice. It is a good idea to plan ahead in case there are additional circumstances that might cause you to get stranded or need to take detours to get home.

Follow the regional recommendations that apply to your destination. The website gathers information on recommendations in different regions. Stay informed and plan accordingly.

International Travel

When travelling abroad, it is even more important to stay up to date as restrictions, in the worst-case scenario could leave you stranded abroad.

Here are some sources you can use when travelling abroad:

  • Department of Foreign Affairs
  • The Swedish Embassy
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs App

Checklist for your trip

  • Check restrictions and requirements with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the embassy and perhaps even the authorities of the country you are travelling to.
  • Book an appointment for testing. Usually, a PCR test with a travel certificate is required, if so, you can book with us in Malmö and Gothenburg. If you require a quick test, it is available at any of our locations.
  • Make sure your travel insurance covers any infection.
  • Have a travel buffer in case you cannot travel home as planned.


When travelling, it is important to check your travel insurance as there may be exemptions for countries that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travelling to.

Check with your insurance company if you need to take out a supplementary policy for travelling during Covid.

When you return to Sweden

The Public Health Agency recommends that everyone entering Sweden should be tested for covid-19.

You should also be tested five days after returning home and stay at home for at least seven days after arriving in Sweden.

If you do not develop symptoms or test positive during the seven days, you can move around freely as long as you follow the advice and recommendations that apply to everyone.

Different test requirements

Depending on the country you are travelling to and the means of transport you are using, there are different test requirements.

A PCR test is required for most air travel, and in some cases an antibody test as well.

Rapid antigen testing is required for most cross-country travel, such as from Sweden to Denmark.

Note: Requirements vary widely. You need to check what is required to entry the country you are travelling to. You will also need to bring your passport which you intend to use during your travels.

PCR test

Scantest offers the fastest and cheapest PCR test in the Nordic region. The time between sample collection and test result is rarely more than 60 minutes and costs only 1199 with certificate included. You can both book an appointment and drop-in.

We offer PCR testing at all our facilities. Prices start from 699 SEK and take between 20 minutes to 12 hours depending on which test you choose.

Rapid Antigen Test

We offer the cheapest rapid test in the Nordic region at all our locations. It takes only 15 minutes to obtain a test results and costs 399 SEK.

No matter what test you need or where you are going, we will help you.

Contact us if you have any questions, or a book an appointment today!