This week, you may have read news regarding IVO’s criticism of our PCR test method.

No PCR tests, either with us at Scantest or any other test center in the world, are 100% safe. As previously mentioned, we have the greatest confidence in the tests we perform based on the continuous and detailed information we receive from our supplier with many years of experience in the industry.

Since the contacts with IVO began, we have started using new PCR tests which, according to the manufacturer, are approved for use on asymptomatic patients. We therefore believe that for some time now we have been acting in accordance with the decision made by IVO, and we intend to submit a letter to IVO in the near future that clarifies this situation. Due to our position on this issue, there is no reason to discontinue our test operations until IVO has been given the opportunity to evaluate the test method currently in use.

Our entire business, and in particular our hygiene processes, puts the safety of both staff and customers first and foremost. During all the time we have been active in testing for Covid-19, it has been our obvious mission to do our utmost to limit the spread of the virus – something we are extremely proud of.

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